Children of Raxxla Website migration

Today we are taking the next step in our web server migration. May we ask you to sign up to our new forums here now
When picking a user name, please try using your in game CMDR name (without CMDR). This will make coordinating in game events much more simple. As a CoR member, you do not have to post in ‘Applicant’s Alley’ again. Your registration still has to be managed, but we try to have plenty of admin capacity available today.

Background: This server move is due to maintenance and performance issues on the old website, which will be shut down in September 2017 latest. Like the current website, the new one serves as a public front end, as well as an internal archive. We will continue using Discord for everyday communication.

When we say archive: the new CoR forums user database will become our de facto membership database. Therefore, we strongly recommend to register. Otherwise, there won’t be another proof of membership once the old website goes offline.

In case of requests regarding the registration, check with @Karnath and @The Tick Please register as quickly as possible. In a few days we will open for the general public and new applicants.

For bug reports and website/forum suggestions, please use the ‘Forum & Website Development’ section of the new forum.

Thank you for you attention, Commanders!

Fly safe, and: remember!