Alas, we would be remiss without listing the publishing company, and also fellow member of the Children of Raxxla, Dan Grubb, who helped bring all of the works of Elite fiction to real, physical paper and binding (and audio CDs) that we can hold in our hands and get signed by our favorite authors. Ladies and Gentlemen of CoR, please take a moment to visit the website of his and his wife’s publishing company, Fantastic Books Publishingwhere the future was brought to life and made available to be put into your hands!

Here is a little about them as posted from their website:

Daniel, our CEO and head of our editorial team, hails from Sheffield in Yorkshire. He is genuinely passionate about writing and wanted to create a positive, transparent publishing experience to help others who share his passion. Through his work as a marketing executive in Thailand and as a literary agent and promotions manager in the UK, Daniel has been building the skills to build a successful publishing house. He also has experience in a variety of different fields including horticulture, on-shore gas extraction, animal husbandry, astronomy, fundraising and aerospace engineering.

Gabi, our COO and creative design team lead, hails from Jasło in Poland. Her classical art training with experience of oil, acrylic and other media including sculpture made her a perfect fit for the creative design side of publishing. She is currently studying for a BA in lens-based media.


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