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    CMDR Lucienn
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    I’ve recently submitted an application to join the ranks of CoR.

    I am CMDR Lucienn, and go by the same name on the forums (CMDR Lucienn).

    I’ve worked with a number of members that identify as part of CoR, and I’ve gathered a rough sense of the work that goes on within it. I hope to be able to contribute my skills where I can.

    I remain tenured on the SiriusGov Board of Directors, but my role is currently a passive one. I have a lot of channels and active discussions within 30+ Elite player groups, however most of my work remains contractual and my latest work has been largely independent.

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    The Tick
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    @spence, @lucienn: Welcome to the Children of Raxxla! Your help in our mission will be of great value.

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    CMDR SpenceUK99
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    Thanks again Tick.  Just got my Python so hope I can help make a difference.

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    1. CMDR Wolfmanwolf
    2. Wolfmanwolf
    3. I want to explore the galaxy and see the greatest wonders of the universe.
    4. I have somewhat good ranks in both the federation and empire but only for the perks.  I don’t care much for either one, I think they both are corrupt as can be.  My home system is Shana Bei, specifically Shana Bei 6 (Chu City Starport).  At one point I had an association with Pranav Antel but that is long gone.
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    1. Moleculor
    2. Moleculor
    3. Bought E:D because I read about the UA/UP thing. Just spent 22 days straight out flying through the Perseus constellation and around the end of it, near what people are calling the Rift, plus through a few EAFOTS systems.
    4. Cannon
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    The Tick
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    @wolfmanwolf, @moleculor: Welcome to the Children of Raxxla. May you find what you are looking for!

    It’s great that you have applied to our Discord server, as well. That’s where our day to day communication is happening.

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    I am CMDR Gingetsuryuu (Gingetsuryuu in forum). My motivation is simple, discovery, deciphering and delving into the delicious mysteries that envelop the universe. Besides, no other faction so absolutely absconds the abhorrent alliances and antagonisms the groups in the universe participate in. I was briefly participatory in Aisling Duval’s power in favour of abolishing slavery, but that ended a long time ago. No current Alliances.

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    Hey… Name is Kristalan. You can call me Commander if you want but I typically just go by Kristalan in the bars, planets and forums. Why am I here? I started as a ground-pounder. I watched lots of good men and women give blood, body and soul for plots of land, never knowing why we were asked to do it. All the while, I could look up at night and see a billion possible worlds untouched like the one I was one we were asked to die on. As soon as I was able, I sold everything I could to buy a decade old Sidewinder to get to those stars. I am perfectly home and at peace out here away from all that political crap inside the bubble. And maybe I can find something more meaningful to all of us in the process.

    I heard about the words Salome passed on to the explorers who crossed the galaxy. It sounded like the type of people I can agree with…


    1. Your CMDR name – Kristalan
    2. Your Frontier Forum user name – Kristalan
    3. A short statement about your motivation – I love stars and exploring
    4. Any other allegiance we have to know about – None. The giants of the galaxy will never notice the fighting of ants.
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    @gingetsuryuu and @kristalan welcome to CoR.  Please visit discord and request access to be granded CoR cadet role there.

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    C. McKee
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    CMDR C. McKee

    No Frontier Forum username

    If an entire government is trying to silence someone, it must mean they know something the rest of us should be aware of.

    No other allegiences

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    1.  CMDR purplemarauder
    2. Purplemarauder
    3. I’ve been an errand boy for Aisling, a privateer for Arissa. I’m Imperial through and through and believe in honour and excellence. Recent events have been neither of those and I would do anything I can to rectify that fact.

      I’m no Explorer, I’ve put my lightyears in, but it feels to me like there’s gotta be something I can help with in the bubble…. If you’ll take a risk and trust me

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    Alex Pendragon
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    1. Your CMDR name: Alex Pendragon
    2. Your Frontier Forum user name: Sgt Pepper
    3. A short statement about your motivation: Love the Kahina Loren character, initially from the Galnet articles and, subsequently, Reclamation. Want to support the character in game. Not much of an explorer yet (on the to-do list), currently working on trading and passenger missions in order to get a couple of decently built ships for exploration and combat.
    4. Any other allegiance we have to know about: Aligned to ALD in PP though not actually touched PP beyond signing up.
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    Notice of temporary freeze on new members:

    Due to the need for tight security over the next couple of days resulting from the current situation with Salomè, we are temporarily suspending the addition of new members for a short period of time.

    We appreciate your interest in joining the CoR, please stay tuned to this thread as we expect to continue processing new applications soon.


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    1. CMDR GMG

    2. Bigyin63   (I think)

    3. I read the book Reclamation and after reading about Kahina’s story I wanted to know more but when I seen the GALNET news I felt I had to defend her honour I also feel there is something also behind Denton Patreus’s motives after seeing this I felt more determined to defend her honour even more then Read the storey in her webpage about The Children of Raxxla  so here I am hoping to serve her

    4. I have no other affiliations in any other faction my reputation is ( FEDs, rep Allied 96% Post commander 100%.   Empire, rep, Allied 98%  Master 42% and Alliance Friendly 75%) but I would like to pledge my allegiance to Kahina

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    Ulrin Thratt
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    Hi all, Hi CoR,

    Im CMDR Ulrin Thratt IG, and Ulrin on ED forum.

    Im stunt by all thoose nebulae, and really want to explore… bought the game 1y ago, but didnt play alot, until 2.1, in which i dive deeply… now after many sothis trip, i own an anaconda, and some others ship (eagle, imp eag, cobra, keelback, python, orca, corvette) . i plan to climb the empire ranks in order to buy a cutter, but… i dont feel good with either side of this war.

    Before i discover that there are some elites mystries, i plan to make a RP game of double side spy, working for federation against empire while climbing empire’s ranks, but now…

    I go searching the hypothetic second ancient’s base on COL 173 (for me, 9A is a good theory, closest condition to the first ancient base’s planet), go back in bubble to swap from ASP to conda for explore in fighters, explore my first unclaimed systems and put my name on them, and drop everything when the nonogram was discover for exploring btw lave and eravate….

    If i had know for the formidine rift expedition…

    I prefer to build a future in peace with aliens than to plan to exterminate them, just because of karma !

    Finally, im french, and so, sry for my bad english !

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