Guiding Principles

Children of Raxxla Guiding Principles

Several key principles and beliefs drive the actions, words and behaviors of the Children of Raxxla. 

First among them is the belief that several and perhaps many mysteries exist in the galaxy – mysteries that are far beyond the scope of what we’re currently led to believe by taking mainstream news at face value or by accepting the statements and actions of the major power leaders as unobfuscated truths.  Discovering and revealing the nature of these mysteries is a core component of the CoR ethos.  This spirit of discovery often takes us far from the safety of inhabited space but we do not fear this.

Second, the CoR do not trust fully the words or actions of any major power or major power leader based on these powers’ history of disingenuousness and in some cases blatant deception or warmongering.   We understand that too often, the motives and incentives that drive the actions of major powers and their leaders are not well aligned with those of the majority of citizens of the galaxy nor in their best interest. We harbor no explicit ill will towards these powers and CoR understands that some of its members may, at times, work with and among these galactic powers. So long as these CMDRs maintain good standing with the CoR, with other CoR CMDRs and do not actively seek to undermine the efforts of the CoR we make no judgement against them.

Third, regarding our approach to secrecy the CoR seek to make discoveries regarding the nature of galactic, scientific, political and anthropological mysteries and phenomena for the benefit of all galactic citizens.  In an ideal galaxy filled with reasonable and just people, information known to the CoR would be shared immediately and freely in all instances.  However, reality requires that we employ care, strategy and sometimes cunning in how we communicate sensitive information outward from ourselves less we find that parties and powers with self-interested motives use potentially powerful information acquired first by the Children of Raxxla against those not powerful enough to defend themselves.  To this end the CoR must walk the fine line between the shadow and the light – seeking to avoid harming others through the careless sharing of dangerous information while taking equal care to avoid harm falling upon us from those who say we lack sufficient transparency.

Lastly but of at least equal importance to the above, the CoR look to the experience, leadership and insights of Salomé, formerly Senator Kahina Tijani Loren of the Prism system, for guidance and direction as we follow our guiding principles and seek to uncover the secrets of the Rift and beyond.

The Consul, May 3302

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